When Deer Get Too Close

When Deer Get Too Close

Deer are beautiful animals, and a lovely sight when we get to see them in nature. They’re a pest when raiding your garden, but they can be an even bigger pain when they get closer than that. Here are a few fun video examples of what can happen when they get too close for comfort.

Deer may seem like tall and majestic creatures, so it can be a shock to see how well they can squeeze through some pretty small spaces. An average-sized doggy door is actually a perfectly suitable portal for some unexpected guests.

Larger bucks aren’t going to fit through a doggy door, but that won’t stop them from breaking into a house when the opportunity arises. This big guy apparently broke in through a window and then proceeded to wander around.

And sometimes, a poor deer can end up too close for comfort through no fault of their own. This one had an unexpected ride on a city bus, coming in through the windshield. (warning, this is a little traumatic at the start, but the deer is clearly not seriously injured)

Counting on your trusty dog to keep deer out of your yard? Well, that might not work out the way you are hoping. Even a big, beefy Rottweiler doesn’t ruffle this trespassing deer.

Keep Deer Away

No matter how peaceful and calm they might seem, deer can be dangerous. This hunter let himself get too close to his quarry and the buck stood his ground. It’s not the antlers you have to worry about either. Deer can be aggressive with their hooves.

The moral here is that you really don’t want to let deer get too close, no matter what the situation. They might be funny and cute sometimes, but there can be a lot of damage done by them in the wrong circumstances and they can even get violent with you in an attack.


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