The Latest in Deer Damage Prevention Science

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Protect Your Lawn and Garden from Deer Damage

Keeping animals out of the yard and garden and preventing damage caused by deer is an age-old problem that people have been dealing with for centuries. It’s still an issue today but now you can use more modern technology and science to help you do battle with wandering deer.

Smart Lighting

One of the hottest areas for new technology is in smart appliances and home equipment. Devices that have varying levels of WIFI or Bluetooth technology, allowing a surprising amount of control over anything in your home. When it comes to deer, we’re talking about the lights. Having the outside lights come on unexpected can be startling to deer, and can be enough to keep them out of the yard. But standard timers are predictable and clever deer can learn the pattern.

Having smart lights (either the bulbs themselves or the fixtures) can help solve this problem. You may be able to set a timer that is random or use an app from your phone to switch the lights on and off manually so that it’s not something deer can anticipate.

Video Cameras

You can maintain a better view of your yard without having to stare out the window all the time with a video camera that you can access remotely. This can give you a head’s up when deer are around, allowing you to run them off before they get comfortable.

Not at home? A good video system will have an accompanying app so you can watch the live feed on your phone. Pair this with the smart lighting that we just mentioned, and you can flick on the lights when you spot deer coming around. You could also utilize smart technology to control other appliances in the house, like the TV or a radio, and snap them on to make some noise when there are deer trespassers nearby.

Motion Sensors

Though the science behind motion sensors isn’t all that new, using them to help protect your property from deer damage is. By creating a system that connects motion sensors to your sprinkler system, you can automatically let out a spray of water whenever anything large travels past the sensor. 

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These are excellent systems as they create a more physical deterrent than lights or noise. You just need to be careful how you place them so that you don’t accidentally spray your neighbors when they walk past your garden.

All-Season Repellents

There is no reason to settle for old-fashioned DIY deterrents that may or may not work at keeping out the deer. Instead, go with a scientifically-proven approach to scent repellents. Durable deer repellent packs will last for months, and use the the scent of predators (like coyotes) to keep deer away and protect your yard and garden from damage.

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