Tell-tale Signs that Deer Have Been in Your Yard

Tell-tale Signs that Deer Have Been in Your Yard

When you start to see damage to your precious plants, shrubs and trees, it can be easy to immediately panic. If you want to effectively protect your property from animal invaders, you need to make sure you know who the culprits are before you take any further steps. Think you have deer in your yard? If you haven’t actually seen any, these are the signs you should watch for.

High Damage

Just seeing eaten plants isn’t enough to implicate the deer, so take a closer look at where the damage is. If you’re seeing chewed plants higher than your waist, it’s almost certainly going to be deer. Keep in mind that not all signs of deer in your yard are going to be damage or eaten plants. Even if the local deer aren’t chowing down on your plants (yet) there are other signs to look for. Ideally, you can find these other signs before there is any damage at all.


scatThis is really easy sign to interpret, though looking for droppings isn’t the most fun task. Typical deer droppings look like clusters of round marbles, sometimes deposited in piles. Deer sometimes leave them as they are walking so they can be scattered around. They look very much like rabbit droppings, only larger and smoother. You’ll also find a lot more of them when it’s a deer in your yard since they are much larger animals. 

Hoof Prints

tracksIf you are examining your yard during the winter, or if you have fresh mud around, take a a look for hoof prints. Deer prints are unmistakable. They look like a heart, with a divide down the center. You might confuse rabbit and deer droppings, you will not mistake the shape of a deer hoof print.

Rubbed Bark

This is a more subtle sign of deer in your yard, and you may not find it at all. Deer can mark their territory, particularly male deer, by rubbing their scent on trees. This quickly starts to remove the bark after a little while, which makes a very unique sign of deer.

Overall, these are the best signs you should look for. Deer seldom make any noise, and there isn’t any other unique signals you’re going to get about their presence.

Once you have established that your yard invaders are deer, then you can take the proper steps to keep them out. In this case, using all-natural Deer Repellent Packs is the best way to go. They will keep the deer out of your yard, and away from your plants. It couldn’t be simpler.


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