Summer Time Deer Protection Tips

The heat of summer is in full swing, and a new season of yard maintenance is at hand. That also means you might need some new deer repellent strategies as the weather starts to change. Even deer behavior itself can change in the summers, meaning new approaches might be needed to protect your yard and plants.

At this point of the year, plants are thriving and there is usually plenty for deer to eat without having to bother your garden. Unless they’ve already gotten a taste for your yard and may still return. Regardless, it’s never a good idea to completely ignore the possibility of deer visits.


A good repellent will work even in the heat of summer, and can be a worry-free way to keep deer from invading. It’s hot out, so you aren’t going to want to tackle any work-heavy plans. A few deer repellent packs can be hung out at the beginning of summer and you really won’t have anything else to do for several months.

Keep Deer Away

Water Sources

If the weather is really dry, deer may be around looking for a drink rather than a snack. Pools, fountains, and even bird baths can be tempting to thirsty deer. You may need to empty or cover these things during overly dry periods to keep the deer from moving in.

Wrapping Trees or Shrubs

This can still be an important tactic for keeping deer away from your larger plants, except you need to be careful to allow room for growth at this time of year. Leaving wire or burlap on too tightly will damage new branches and stunt your tree’s growth. So if you’re using this approach for your larger plants, take care to keep the wraps loose and to adjust them through the season.

Cover Your Plants

After all the spring growth, it would be a real shame to lose flowers, fruit or vegetables in your garden now. Fences aren’t going to be much good, and who wants to build a huge fencing project in the heat of summer anyway? The best option for keeping deer out of your plants at this point would be with coverings of chicken wire or bird netting. You may not want to cover up your flower garden this way (stick with the deer repellent packs in that case) but it’s a great option for protecting a vegetable garden from roaming deer. So take a few steps to protect against deer, and relax this summer.

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