Spring Deer Deterrent Strategies


Spring Deer Deterrent Strategies

Spring Deer Deterrent Strategies

The Spring season is the time that deer replenish their bodies after a long grueling winter. Deer enjoy a wide variety of food and consume a large amount of salt in the Spring. The weather allows them to explore and widen their home range.  It is usually the time of birth for new fawns. Reproduction in deer is directly related to food availability. When there is an abundance of food, deer will produce twins, or even three or four fawns in one pregnancy. When food is scarce, one fawn is produced.

Deer live in different types of environment including rural and urban areas. Even though deer are relatively harmless, they can sometimes be considered pests by those who live and own areas close to the woods. Deer are known for eating landscape  or garden plants. They can cause damage to you shrubs, trees and other plants in your yard. They tend to feed on new plant growth and lush growth of landscaping  beds in developed areas. They are attracted to plants that are high in protein such as beans and spinach as well as tender, smooth plants like berries.

There are a several methods to deter deer.  The attractiveness of those methods depends on your lifestyle, personal preferences and budget. As always, prevention is the best solutions so you may wish to try one or more of the following:

  • Fence in your garden
  • Keep plants that attract deer close to your house
  • Plant garlic, lavender, onions, mint or anything that has a strong odor as it helps cover the scent of anything that attracts deer to your garden
  • Plant deer resistant flowers such as black-eyed susans, carnations, foxgloves, evergreens and lilac
  • Incorporate shrubs that have hairy leaves, spines or that are very aromatic

Even when all the above are employed, getting rid of deer can remain difficult. Deer quickly adapt to deterrents and if pressured by hunger deer will brave nearly any deterrent to secure food. In particularly difficult deer invasion circumstance using a repellent such as Shake Away all natural Large Animal repellent may stop them from visiting your lawn and prevent further damage to your yard.  Shake-Away is  safe for your family and pets and won’t harm any animals. It is all natural with an active ingredient which is predator’s (coyote) urine. Using  the predator’s marking tool activates the deer’s keen sense of smell and alerts them that there is danger nearby. The granulated formula is encased in a weather proofed pouch making it is quick and easy to set up and extending its potency for up to 90 days.

Deer are multiplying and thriving in rural and urban areas. Deer have have a strong sense of smell and when they sense your fertilized plants it means there is food available for them in your garden. Stopping deer incursions can be difficult, but by making your garden less inviting to deer, building a fence and by using deer repellents you may eliminate deer damage to your cultivated plants.





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