Review of Mechanical Deer Repellent Devices

Deer in Yard

Deer In Yard

Though chemical and scented products are known to be excellent deer repellents, there are also a few mechanical devices on the market that are pretty good at keeping deer at bay. Though there are many different types on the market, there are 3 common styles overall.

Sprinkler Systems

This is a potent method for scaring off the deer, using a sudden spray of water to scare them off when they enter your property. Spray Away is one particular model, and it pairs a lawn sprinkler with motion and heat sensors. An unexpected spray of cold water is an excellent way to spook the deer.

These are actually great options for all sorts of animals in the yard, not only deer. Granted, they may also go off if people come on to your property so you should plan the placement carefully so you don’t accidentally spritz the mail carrier.

While effective, this may not be the best option if you have a lot of animals roaming around that may trigger the sprinkler and water is in short supply.

Deer Repellent Packs – Frequently Asked Quea

Electronic Shock

There are a couple of different variations of the shock approach. The traditional electric fence is one choice, that creates an electrical barrier that provides a painful shock if the wires are touched. While it may scare off deer, it’s not really an obstacle because they can jump over it without too much trouble.

Another option that is smaller in scale, but actually can work better is to use a baited shock product instead. Havahart has an electronic deer repellent like this. They are individual stakes with a space on the top for a strongly scented bait attractant. The deer come to the stake and gets a shock when they touch it. It doesn’t try to be a barrier like a true electric fence, but to create a negative association for the deer. Things in your yard that seem tasty actually cause pain, and that should help deter their interest in your plants.

Sonic Devices

These are the deer repellents that use sound to scare off incoming deer. Some varieties of this device operate with a motion sensor like the sprinkler system, creating a loud noise only when something large walks through the yard. You can also try the ultrasonic type of device that usually remains on all the time, but uses a constant high pitched sound that humans can’t hear. Deer have better hearing than we do and the sound is unpleasant for them. Unfortunately, it can also be unpleasant for some dogs or cats, making it a poor choice if you have pets in the yard.

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