Preventing Deer Damage to Your Orchard

Preventing Deer Damage to Orchards is a Serious Challenge

Preventing Deer Damage to Orchards is a Serious Challenge

A serious problem many fruit tree growers face is keeping deer away from their fruit trees or orchards. Deer cause much damage beyond just nibbling away at the fruit. Deer also eat away at tender shoots, which can result in a compromised harvest.

Fruit trees are especially susceptible to hungry grazing deer when they are very young and the perfect height for deer to munch on them. Deer will also rub their antlers on a fruit tree, damaging it beyond repair. One of the most common methods used to keep deer from damaging fruit trees is to put up fencing. There are various heights and kinds of fencing that may work to keep your fruit orchard safe.If you are comfortable with the idea of hunting, it may be a viable way to keep deer from damaging your fruit trees. Make sure to consult a local wildlife authority to learn the in’s and out’s of opening your orchard up to hunting.

Another way to keep deer from eating or damaging your fruit trees is to have a guard dog or two that roam freely throughout the orchard. Deer are smart enough to know the limitations of a dog on a leash and will quickly learn how to avoid it to munch on your trees.

If you would prefer to keep deer away from your trees without harming them, there are a variety of other methods to try.

Commercial repellents can be purchased that makes the orchard taste bitter and undesirable to deer. These repellents should be applied during the dormant phase of the trees, which means you can’t use them year round. Please keep in mind that commercial chemical repellents have variable results.

Deer Repellent Packs vs. Traditional Spray Repellents

Traditional Deer Repellents are spray-on chemical formulas that must be frequently applied and reapplied directly on your plants. They typically use bitter taste and/or undesirable odor to make your fruit trees and orchard less attractive to deer.

Deer Repellent Packs, on the other hand, include a granular repellent contained within a breathable weather resistant pouch that is easily hung from the branches of a tree, from a fence post, or any place similarly located to your fruit trees. The packs are organic, natural and work in all-weather situations. They will not harm your fruit trees or the deer you want to keep away, but they are guaranteed effective in repelling deer from harming your trees.

Shake-Away Deer Repellent Packs, alone or in combination with your current methods, are easy to install, offer a great value for your dollar and are guaranteed to keep deer away from your fruit trees.


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