New Dos and Dont’s of a Deer-free Yard

New Steps for Having a Deer Free Yard

New Steps for Having a Deer Free Yard

Urban deer can be a breathtaking sight, but can cause a lot of problems when it comes to maintaining your yard. Deer are notorious for seeking out plants and fruit that are plentiful in common yards. Although nice to look at, you want to make sure your yard and family are protected from these wild animals, which will continuously return if your yard has been pegged as a good place to find food. There are certain steps you can take to keep deer out, make your yard a natural deer repellant and protect your landscape. Here are a few useful tips:


  • Use deer-resistant plants, like daffodils. This will keep deer out and function as a natural barrier. You can also consult this list of additional plants to see what will work best for your yard.
  • Use strong herbs around your home and yard. Perennials are a great choice and look nice at the same time. Mint is also a great deer repellant.
  • Plant thick hedges around the borders of your yard to keep the deer from seeing what is inside.
  • Create a series of levels, like terraces or sunken beds. This will confuse the deer and make your yard a challenge to navigate.
  • Wrap new plants with netting or tubing to keep deer away from your new seedlings.
  • Switch up the smells around your yard. Hanging fabric softener or soap from your trees can act as a natural deer repellent and provide a nice smell.
  • Use deer repellent packs to keep deer away. These packs are guaranteed to work year-round in all types of weather and are natural and non-toxic.
  • Let your dog play in the yard on a frequent basis.


  • Keep your garden stocked with plants deer like. High-protein plants are the worst! If you must have plants or fruit trees that are attractive to deer, make sure they are near your home so that you can safely monitor them.
  • Skimp on garden décor. Deer are very skittish and will run at the slightest noise or movement. Using wind chimes, bright lights or garden décor that moves is a great way to keep deer out.
  • Use products that will be poisonous to people or pets. The worst thing you can do is use harmful chemicals that will pose a health-risk to your family. There are many effective natural solutions that will work and keep deer out of your yard.
  • Feed the deer! This will give them encouragement to return to your yard as a resource for food.

These are just a few suggestions to keep a deer-free yard. You can find more tips, advice and resources on keeping deer out here.


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