More Easy Ways to Keep Deer Out

Keep Deer Out of Your Garden with these Simple Steps

Keep Deer Out of Your Garden with these Simple Steps

Other than enjoying their beauty and grace there are no positive reasons to want deer in your yard or garden and enough negative consequences to want to keep deer out.    Crop and landscape damage, potential disease spread, the possibility of altercations with pets — are all reasons to find a way to deter from your property and to get rid of them if they are already there.  Below are a few simple steps you can take to enjoy a deer free yard and garden:

1. Think twice about growing English ivy, lettuces, beans, peas, hostas, impatients, and pansies.  Those plants along with fruit trees are favorite food sources for deer and their sweet scent may actual attract deer to your yard.  According to author  Rhonda Massingham:  “The sweetness and flavor of strawberries and peaches make them as attractive to deer as they are to people.”

2.  There is some evidence that the scent of human hair repels deer.  You can collect some refuse hair from your local salon or barber shop, place it inside pieces of cut nylon pantyhose and place the bundles near the points that deer are using to enter your yard.  Remember, if a deer is hungry enough it will not be deterred by the strategy, however, if there is an easy alternative area in which the deer can feed, the hair’s scent may be enough to convince the deer to move on.


3. The scent of dog urine may be effective in keeping deer out.  If you have a dog, walk him/her around the perimeter of your yard on a daily basis.  The scent of your dog doing it’s business may signal to approaching deer that the area is patrolled by a threatening animal.  The strategy will have to applied consistently and may be compromised by rainy weather.

4.  Try some soap flakes — especially those made from Ivory soap or Irish Spring.  Making the flakes or shavings is relatively easy, simply using a parring knife to “shave” off slivers of the bar soap.  Distribute the shavings around the plants you wish to protect from deer and near the entrances that deer are using to access your property.  As you may imagine, the soap flakes do not hold up well during rainy weather.

5. Purchase a commercial deer repellent product.  There are several available with differing causes of action.  Some use chemicals to make targeted plants taste bad, some use strong odors to keep deer away.  Shake-Away Deer Repellent Packs use the actual scent of coyote urine to trigger a deer’s natural fear of predators and convince deer to flee and to avoid the protected area.  Shake-Away Deer Repellent packs are easy to use and specially made to work in all weather conditions.

Deer are elegant and beautiful animals.  A deer’s home is in the woods and not in your yard or garden.  Avoiding encouraging them to enter your property and taking simple steps to discourage them may result in keeping deer away from you home and property.

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