Keep Deer Away by Avoiding These 5 Mistakes

Keep Deer Away by Avoiding These 5 Mistakes

Well Cared for Lawn

Well Cared for Lawn

The sight of a group of deer from your window is always a beautiful surprise. Unless they are destroying your carefully kept garden, that is. Avoid these five common errors and your hard earned plants will be much safer from marauding wildlife. Get deer out of your garden for good.

Mistake 1. Planting deer attracting plants.

This is an easy, all natural deer deterrent. While deer will eat almost anything when they are very hungry, particularly in winter, planting thornier varieties of plants around borders will discourage their presence in summer. Leaves are so plentiful during that time of year that deer avoid eating unpleasant thorny plants. Tender, smooth leaved plants are easy for deer to eat. Plant tender plants in the middle of your garden to keep deer out of your yard.

Mistake 2. Having land without a dog.

While it isn’t an ironclad deer solution, because dogs aren’t real predators, just the scent of a sizable dog will keep some deer out of your garden. And haven’t you always wanted a dog anyway? You needn’t worry about the deer’s safety, deer can run faster than even the fastest of dogs. The guard animal will only give chase to get deer out of your yard quickly.

Mistake 3. Leaving your land unfenced.

While it is true that a deer can easily leap over a short fence, any fencing at all encourages deer to look for a less protected area in which to graze. Deer are creatures that try to conserve energy, so they tend take the easiest path. There are also some very tall fence types that are effective at keeping deer out of your yard. However, it is a sizable investment to install such fencing. It may not be an option for those with larger yards or yards directly adjoining forest.

Mistake 4. Discounting Old Wives tales

Deer Repellent Packs

All Natural, Easy to Use Deer Repellent Packs Keep Deer Away

People have been trying to get deer out of their yards for centuries. They have come up with a lot of chemical-free solutions, some useful, some not, to get rid of deer. Don’t pass up an easy, inexpensive solution just because it sounds strange. For example, scattering the garden with barber clippings has been a solution for generations of gardeners. Try stopping by your local salon and asking for some leftover hair. It might get deer out of your yard, and if not, you’ve spent no extra money.

Mistake 5. Using Chemical Laden Deer Repellent Products

They’re expensive, they’re not good for the environment, and often they don’t even work. What a waste of money! Why put your own garden and local water table at risk of chemical contamination when there is an all-natural, non-chemical alternative to get rid of deer? Deer repellent packs use the all natural urine of a deer’s biological predator to deter deer from entering an area. This chemical free product is a highly effective deer repellent. Simply hang deer repellent packs according to package directions, two to four feet above the ground every fifteen feet or so around your garden. You don’t have to do anything else for a full ninety days. It’s an easy, cost-effective way to get deer out of your yard.

Avoid these mistakes, and best of luck creating the deer free yard you have always wanted.

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