How Deer Repellent Packs Keep Deer Out of Your Yard

The Science Behing the Effectiveness of Deer Repellent Packs

It is a scientifically proven fact that deer have 297 million olfactory receptors (compare that to a human having around 5 million) and that deer use their super-sensitive noses in many ways including as an early detection system against predators.  Deer, like many animals, have an ingrained instinct to flee from any sign of danger, and when possible, to avoid danger completely.  If a deer catches the scent of a predator, their instinct is to move away or around the area of the threat.

How the Work


Deer Repellent Packs

Deer Repellent Packs put Nature’s Most Powerful Force in Your Hands

Deer Repellent Packs take advantage of each the deer’s highly specialized sense of smell and their inborn instinct to avoid danger.  Each deer repellent pack contains all natural granules that are infused with coyote urine.  Coyotes are one of the predators for which a deer is always on alert and that they will instinctively avoid.  When you place Deer Repellent Packs around your yard or garden, or hang them from your trees and shrubs, the weather proof pouches release the scent of the predator urine.  That scent in the air signals danger to the deer and works to convince them that the area has been claimed by the coyote and is unsafe.

Effective at Repelling Deer, Not Humans

Though the packs contain enough urine scent to stimulate the ultra-sensitive nose of a deer, the scent is barely detectable by humans and when the packs are placed according to their directions, should not interfere with a homeowner’s enjoyment of their yard.  More, because the pack’s ingredients are 100% organic and are not applied directly to fruits or vegetables, they can be used around gardens and orchards right through harvest time without posing a threat.

Deer Repellent Packs are Weather Proof

Importantly, the weather proof pouches that contain Deer Repellent Pack’s active ingredient keep the protection working for up to 90 days and through all kinds of weather.  No need to replace the pouches after wind, rain or snow.

Easy to Use, Safe. Affordable

Fear of predators is nature’s strongest force and Deer Repellent Packs place that force in your control in a safe, easy to use, long lasting and economical way.  By convincing destructive deer that your property has become the marked territory of one of their most dangerous predators, Deer Repellent Packs effectively repel deer from your property without causing harm to you, your plants, pets or the deer.

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