Fall Deer Activity – Preparing and Protecting Your Garden

Fall Foliage

Deer Behavior In Your Yard Changes in Fall

Dealing with deer changes from season to season, and you will have the best impact on keeping your property safe if you change when their behavior changes. In this case, getting to know how deer are going to act in the fall, and what you can do to protect your garden.

Deer Activity Around Your Lawn, Garden and Home

Like the rest of the year, deer are still very motivated by food in the fall, especially as the colder days set in and fresh green food is starting to be less plentiful. They’ll be a little bolder in coming near your home if there are still green plants around in the yard.

The biggest activity change is that the fall is mating season. Movements and territories can shift around, and some males may become more aggressive or fearless around people. There can also be more damage to trees and landscape as bucks make scrapes and leave scent marks around.

The shorter days of fall means that dusk, the deer’s favorite time of day for activity, is going to come earlier than during the summer. Depending on what techniques you are using to combat your deer population, this might make a difference in when you do things.

Protect Your Property from Deer Invasion

As the fall season sets in, there are still several options open to you to protect your yard and garden from autumn deer.

When they start looking for seriously for food at this time of the year, you should make a little extra effort to clear out old plants from your gardens or flowerbeds. If they are past their prime anyway, don’t let them linger and be a buffet for new deer visitors.

Towards the end of fall, deer will be browsing for more branches and bark as the supply of green plants starts to dwindle. That puts your trees and shrubs at more risk than they were in the summer months. Trim back low-hanging branches to get rid of some temptation, and wrap up your shrubs in canvas or burlap as well.

A scented deer repellent product works very well at this time of year, especially to disrupt mating behavior and new deer movements. Territories are shifting around and it’s the best time to change how the local population of deer see your property. Deer repellent packs will work in the unpredictable weather of fall, and can deter deer for weeks with the scent of their natural predators.

You can take a DIY route with scent, and use citrus-scented soaps or even human hair to repel the deer, but since you are setting the stage for the rest of the winter in terms of territory, you probably should go with something more reliable in the fall.

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