Deer Repellent Packs Are Natural, Organic and Safe for Your Pets and Plants

Deer Repellent Packs Are Natural, Organic and Safe for Your Pets and Plants

Deer Repellent Packs

Deer Repellent Packs put Nature’s Most Powerful Force in Your Hands

If you’re tired of deer ruining your grass, vegetable garden or flowerbed and want a natural, safe and organic solution, Deer Repellent Packs are for you!

Deer Repellent Packs are safe to use for your grass, vegetable garden or flower garden. The packs are natural and organic and will not harm your pet, even if they try to eat it (yuck!).

Each pack works by emitting the smell of granulated coyote urine–coyotes use their urine to mark their territory–which communicates ‘danger’ to deer and keeps them afraid of being near the smell. The repellent packs are water and weather resistant in their breathable pouch.

To keep deer out of your garden or flowerbed, hang one pack approximately every ten feet on garden stakes, fence posts or even on the plants themselves along the perimeter of the space you want to protect. Make sure there is a pack on every outside corner. Hang each pack approximately two to four feet above ground depending on the height of your plants. The packs should be hung at about the height of the plant, unless it is taller than 4 feet.

For best results protecting trees and shrubs, place Deer Repellent Packs on any isolated trees and bushes, hanging one pack on each smaller tree or two packs on trees with diameters larger than 20 feet. 

Each Deer Repellent Pack lasts up to 90 days. For best results, squeeze each pack a few timeswhen first applying them to the space you want to protect, and then again every four to sixweeks thereafter to break up the granules that release the scent.

Deer are animals of habit and it may take time for them to alter their normal eating pattern.Therefore, allow at least two weeks for Deer Repellent Packs to take their full effect. In times of food shortages, drought or severe weather, a deer’s survival instinct may override their fear of predators.

If you’re tired of deer ruining your hard work in the yard, try Deer Repellent Packs–the safe,natural and organic way to keep deer away from your grass, vegetable garden or flowerbed.

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