Deer in the News

Deer in the News

Deer are often more newsworthy than just being a pest in your garden, and you never know when they can pop up in an interesting story.

Officials move to address spread of deer disease

Deer hunting season is coming up, and scientists in Texas are asking hunters to help them look for and monitor a new disease that has cropped up in local deer populations. It’s called chronic wasting disease and is apparently similar to mad cow disease and scrapie (seen in sheep). As an industry, deer hunting is worth more than $4.5 billion every year in Texas, so it’s no surprise that they’re taking steps to manage this threat. To broaden their testing range, the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department is asking hunters to submit samples from the deer they’ve killed.

This is peak time for deer-auto collisions

Deer are on the move at this time of year, and that means more deer are going to be in the road. We all know this but a study in Georgia has been recording collisions to establish a local map where the risks are greatest, and a timetable when you can expect the most deer to be in the way. Collisions are down in Georgia now that this information is out there. The article also provides some good tips on how to avoid dangerous deer collisions which would be helpful no matter what state you’re in.


Deer locked in bedroom after barging into home

And you thought you had it bad when the deer wandered in and out of your garden. A Michigan homeowner got the surprise of a lifetime when a wild deer broke through the living room window and ran about inside the house. The owners eventually got it cornered in a bedroom and officials took care of it with a few tranquilizers.

Deer photobombs photo shoot

The photo of a deer “photobombing” a fall-themed baby photo shoot has been making the rounds as one adorable meme. Not all stories about deer in the news are negative, and this is a perfect example. If you are curious about the photo, you can read up on the whole story to see what happened that day to create such a unique photo.

Rare mule deer taken by hunter in Wisconsin

It’s usually white-tailed deer we hear about, but lately there have been more sightings of the rarer mule deer around the state. For the first time, a hunter has brought one down. If the deer populations are changing, you should take a closer look to the deer that invade your yard. You might start to see something new, and that might mean you need to change your repellent tactics.

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