Deer Damage Prevention for Large Agricultural Plots

Deer Pose Special Problems for Large Agricultural Plots

Deer Pose Special Problems for Large Agricultural Plots

Large garden plots, commercial farms and vineyards sustain damage from animal intruders every year.  Small animals such as mice and rabbits and larger animals like raccoon and deer destroy crops.  The larger the crop field the greater the potential for damage.  Larger agricultural operations also have the added problem of not always being able to determine what specific animal is causing the damage and thus not knowing what prevention strategy to implement.

Determining if the Damage is Caused by Deer

Deer damage to crops is unique because unlike many other plant eating animals deer lack upper incisor teeth.  That means that the damage left behind from deer has jagged or ragged looking edges or stems that may look crushed rather than sliced off.

Also, if the damage is higher than 2 feet above the ground, it is most likely that deer are causing the destruction.

Keep Deer Away from Your Crops

Some deer damage prevention strategies require that the deer actually damage the crops first before they are effective. Taste-based repellents for example work by making the targeted crops taste bad, meaning that the deer have to bite-off the crop to experience the bad taste.  Unless the application of the taste-based repellent is across a very large portion of the plot deer may move on from the bad tasting plants and to those that are not treated.

Deer fencing is an effective strategy and is especially effective if an electrically charged fence is utilized.  Depending on the size of the plot in need of protection, installation and maintenance of an electrical fence may not be practical or affordable.

To learn more about the types of deer fencing available, please visit:

Fear Based Deer Repellents

A fear based deer repellent utilizes the scent of a deer’s natural predator or other scent evidence of a predator being in the area.  Because deer are highly sensitive to air-borne scents the smell of a predator in the area is often enough to send deer to forage elsewhere.

Deer Repellent Packs from Shake-Away use actual coyote urine infused in special granules that are placed in easy to use, waterproof packs.  The packs are effective over a large range and can easily be utilized in areas that deer use to enter large agricultural plots and along wooded areas.

The packs are effective for up to 90 days and may provide a cost-effective stand alone deer repellent strategy, or may be a valuable enhancement to any other strategy currently deployed.



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