Current Deer Repellent Technology

The Latest Deer Repellent Technology

The Latest Deer Repellent Technology

Because the deer that were once only seen rarely and in nature are now all too often seen destroying gardens and landscaping around homes the need for new deer repellent technology is growing.  In this article we will discuss some of latest developments and breakthroughs in the science of effective deer repellents. Electronic Deer Repellents Designed to be a touch deterrent Electronic Deer Repellents work by providing the deer with a stinging shock of electricity when contact is made.  In theory, receiving a series of painful shocks will condition the encroaching deer to avoid the area in which the repellents have been placed.  The repellents are powered by small batteries and are claimed to cause no permanent damage to the deer that they shock (The voltage range is around. 300 volts.). The most advanced types of the electronic deer repellents include a “bait” to lure the deer into touching the shock mechanism.  The bait may be a scented element that smells like a specific nut or other food preferred by deer.  Lured to the “food” source, the deer touch the activator receiving the resulting shock and beginning the negative conditioning cycle.

Proactive Natural Warning Sound Devices

Utilizing one or a series of weather proof sound speakers the Natural Warning Sound Devices utilizes a digital recording of audible deer vocalization that represent warning, territorial and hostile calls.  The sounds place any deer within earshot on high alert.  Wishing to avoid the high tension state caused by hearing the  sounds being broadcast by the system the deer leave the area and search for a more comfortable area in which to feed. The Natural Warning Sound Devices are available with motion-sensing technology that activates the broadcast when the movement of deer in the area is picked up by the device’s senses.

Predator Scent Based Repellents

Utilizing the power of a deer’s strong natural fear of predators, predator scent based repellents effectively convince invading deer that the treated area has been claimed by an enemy animal such as a coyote.  Available in both granule formula that is applied by shaking the product on the ground and ready-to-be-hung packs, the deer repellents emanate the scent of actual coyote urine, convincing deer in the area that a coyote has moved into and marked the area as its own, making the area unsafe for the danger wary deer.  To avoid the potential of being ambushed by the perceived coyote, deer move on to safer territory. BannerCallToAction As Deer Become Braver New Strategies are Necessary

As deer are pressured to incur into populated areas to find food sources and as they grow less sensitive to human activities new and improved repellent technologies and strategies to keep deer from destroying gardens and landscaping is a growing necessity.  Using a combination of the above technologies may produce the desired results for protection from deer damage.

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