Creating a Deer Proof Yard for this Spring

Keep Deer Out Of Your Yard This Spring

Winter is soon coming to an end, and that means the new growth of spring is around the corner. And with all that new green, you can expect deer won’t be far behind. Here are a few thoughts on how to deer-proof your property this year, and a few ideas that probably aren’t going to be successful.

Thinking of Trying a Fence to Keep Deer Out?

First of all, don’t bother with a normal fencing. People often think that a good fence is a solution to animal pests, but unless you have the resources to build a 12-foot high fence completely around your yard, your efforts may be futile. Deer can and will hop over barriers lower than that without hesitation. They can probably get over a fence as high as 15 feet if they are determined. Using a double fence line about 6 feet apart can help because deer can’t jump them both and won’t want to be trapped between them. This means a substantial construction project though, and not really worth the effort.

Deer Proof Plants – Not as Effective as You May Think

Trying to limit temptation in your yard is helpful except that deer are happy to eat just about any plants you might have, so you’d have to eliminate all shrubs, flowers, herbs, vegetables, trees and even the grass. Probably not a practical solution.

A Good Deer Repellent is a Way to Go

Your best bet for keeping your property deer-free is with repellent. There are a large number of DIY approaches to deer repellents, from using strongly scented soap to human hair (or even urine). Garlic or other bitter-tasting substances can be sprayed on plants to prevent deer from eating them too. Both of these techniques can be helpful, providing you are willing to re-apply the materials after every rainfall.

A better quality deer repellent pack is a smarter choice because it will keep on working even in bad weather. A natural repellent that uses coyote urine is very powerful to keep away deer and they work for many weeks no matter what the weather is like, making them very handy in the rainy spring months. Get them out now so that you are ready for those first deer that wander by.

Oh!  A Gaurd Dog is Also Effective!

Having a dog that can roam in your yard is one other way to help keep out the deer, though deer that are used to suburban surroundings may not be that afraid of dogs. And of course, some dogs couldn’t care less about animal intruders and would just lie there and watch the deer.

We hope that the above will give you some ideas about what will work and what probably won’t as you protect your yard from deer this spring.

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