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Understanding Deer is Key to Protecting Your Property from Deer DamageDeer are considered by many to be one of nature’s most beautiful animals, but they can be dangerous and cause damage to our property. Understanding the biology and behavior of deer can help us to enjoy them while minimizing their negative impact on our homes and gardens. Here are the top five websites that provide information and facts about deer.


DeerWorlds is one of the best websites for Deer information. It provides facts about Deer habitat, feeding, reproduction, anatomy, distribution, predators, social structure and communication. You can watch videos of deer and browse through photos provided by the website. The website has information about every species of deer, their interactions with humans and deer conservation.

Wikipedia is very popular for being one of the most used resources on the internet. The website provides detailed information about deer terminology, habitat, biology (reproduction, antlers, color, evolution and taxonomy), and  cultural significance (heraldry, literature and art, economic significance).

This website provides information on Integrated Pest Management or IPM in wildlife damage management. It has facts about deer identification, habitat, food habits, range, biology, behavior, and reproduction. It also talks about deer damage and damage identification as well as providing prevention and control methods like using fences and repellents. is a website you can use if you want to find out cool and interesting facts about deer. It lists information about deer species and understanding their habitat and behavior. You can watch videos and click on helpful links with photos to learn more about deer.

This is a website for people who want to to expand their knowledge of the Whitetail Deer. You can find valuable information about whitetail deer as well as tips on hunting and deer control. The site provides articles about whitetail deer anatomy, biology, habitat, and aging. The website also offers a forum where you can interact with other people who are interested in knowing more facts about deer.

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