Autumn Can Mean Deer Problems

Autumn Can Mean Deer Damage

To the deer hunter, the arrival of autumn means hunting season has arrived.  To a homeowner or a vegetable gardener, it means deer are hungry and may target their landscaping and crops as food sources.

During the autumn deer eat to put on weight for the lean winter months ahead when their food sources will be hard to find.  Vegetable crops and lush landscaping plants sometimes make easy to access and nutritionally rich targets for deer.  The possibility for deer damage grows each year that deer become less timid around humans and that their natural feeding areas are eliminated for human development.

Fortunately, not all is lost in the struggle to protect landscaping and gardens from deer.  There remain several methods of keeping deer away and eliminating the damage that they can cause.  Among the most effective methods for repelling deer are:

  1. Mechanical Deer Scare Devices – These devices range from sound emitting devices to those that spray water in the direction of an encroaching deer.  Many are sensor activated and will spring into action only when a deer crosses into their line of sight.  The more sophisticated devices are solar powered and can be used season after season without much maintenance.
  2. Deer Proof Fences – Not just any fence will keep a deer from finding its way into a good feeding area.  Deer can jump over 6 feet in the air to leap over a fence and if pressured by hunger, deer are not afraid to push through a non-reinforced barrier.  Utilizing a fence that is each electrified and at least 10 feet tall is the surest way to prevent deer intrusion.
  3. Deer Repellent Packs – Though deer have grown less timid toward humans they remain highly sensitive to their natural predators.  A deer’s greatest defensive weapon is its sharp sense of smell.  If deer detect the scent of a predator in their area they are likely to move on and avoid that area in the future.  Deer Repellent Packs utilize deer’s natural fear of predators by infusing 100% natural granules with coyote urine and sealing it in weather-proof packs for easy use.  Hanging the packs around the area in need of protection results in the deer sensing the presence of a coyote in the area and not coming near.

Though autumn can be the season during which deer are most destructive to landscaping and gardens, homeowners do have options to effectively protect their property.  Using a combination of devices, fences and Deer Repellent Packs, it is possible to keep deer out and keep ornamental and crop plants safe.


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