Are Deer Dangerous to my Home and Family?

Do Deer Pose a Threat to My Family and Home?

Nothing says peace and tranquility like a deer or two, quietly grazing in an open field. They seem like the most harmless creatures in the world. Well, the truth is that they can be destructive and downright dangerous in certain circumstances. Everyone knows that they may eat your landscaping or garden plants, but there can be a lot more at stake when deer are roaming about.


What Kind of Damage to Property do Deer Cause?

Besides just eating your plants, deer can do quite a bit of other damage to your property. Their large size gives them a lot of leverage up against fence posts, furniture, or other sorts of yard decorations. Things can get broken just by them wandering around. One other damage problem you might have is the rubbing and scraping that bucks due during mating season. They will scrape large patches of turf down to the dirt, as well as rub bark off trees as methods for leaving scent markers.

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Do Deer Show Hostility?

Damage is one thing, but they can be actually dangerous to people as well. Most does are harmless and won’t likely come any closer than they have to. Bucks, on the other hand, can be aggressive, particularly during rutting season. They may charge people who are in the deer’s perceived territory, and with a full rack of antlers, it can be a dangerous encounter. A doe may also rush you if she is protecting fawns.

If a deer (either male or female) stands to challenge you, with stomping hooves and snorting, avoid eye contact and slowly back away to safety. Don’t turn your back on it.

Do Deer Carry Diseases?

Like with any wild animals, deer can carry a number of serious diseases. Thankfully, these generally aren’t a risk to people. There is one exception, which is Lyme disease. To be clear, deer don’t carry the disease nor do they directly spread it to humans. The issue is the deer tick. Deer ticks do carry Lyme, and the more deer you have spending time in your yard, the more ticks are you likely to have in your environment. They can easily attach themselves to you or any outdoor pets.

To stay safe, wear long pants with socks and long sleeve shirts if you are spending time in longer grass and give people and pets a quick once-over check for ticks when you’ve been outside for a long period of time.

Overall, the most likely problem you are going to have with local deer is destroyed plants, but you should not discount these other potential threats when you start to see these animals on your property. Take steps to protect your land and your family by keeping the deer at a distance. A scented repellent product is an easy and maintenance-free method to encourage wild deer from entering your space.

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