5 Flowers Deer Most Prefer to Eat

Pink Azalea

Azaleas are among a deer’s favorite meals

Many people who enjoy wildlife are thrilled to be able to see deer roaming in the land near their homes. Unfortunately, those same beautiful deer can become terrible pests if they begin entering your yard and destroying your plants. Learning about the 5 flowers deer most prefer to eat will help you keep your garden free of hungry deer.

1 –  Azalea

Deer love to eat flowering azalea bushes and are happy to do so all year long. During the spring and summer when there are lots of flowering plants for deer to choose from, they may not be as inclined to turn your azalea bushes into meals. This changes in the winter when evergreen azalea varieties continue to bloom. Since their feeding options are reduced during the winter, deer are much more likely to invade your garden in search of these tasty flowers during the winter months.

 2 – Roses

In general, deer steer clear of flowering plants with thorny stems. That is not true, however, in the case of roses which deer are happy to munch on. Rugosa hybrid roses are slightly less appetizing to deer because they have more thorns than other varieties, such as hybrid tea roses. Deer are especially attracted to roses because they eat everything it produces, including the fruit, buds, and leaves of the plant.

 3 – Violets

Violets grow low to the ground in moist, shaded areas. That means that they can flourish under the cover of trees which also happens to be where deer love to hide to avoid danger. Since they can eat these delicate, edible flowers in the peace and safety of tree cover, deer love to consume violets. They are especially likely to make meals of violets in the spring when this perennial flower’s strong, resistant roots start to cause new flowers to appear.

 4 – Berries

Much like humans are attracted to the sweet taste of strawberries and blueberries, deer love them too. They also eat the leaves and flowers of these plants, making your beautiful berry plants into ideal deer meals. While eating the berries themselves will not damage strawberry or blueberry bushes, deer may consume so many of the leaves that the plant cannot nourish itself.

 5 – Hostas

Hostas, or plantain lilies, are shade tolerant plants that make perfect meals for hungry deer. Their bland tasting leaves are juicy and grow in the shade where deer can comfortably consume an entire plant’s worth of leaves and flowers. There are many varieties of hosta, the grand majority of which offer a spinach like taste that deer are happy to eat.

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