3 Nearly Deer Proof Garden Plants

When considering a garden or landscaping project based on its ability to go undamaged by marauding deer,  it is important to remember that no plant is completely deer proof.  If hungry enough and under high enough  pressure to find a food source deer will eat or nibble on any plant that is available.  That being recognized, there are plants which are much less likely to be damaged by deer because they rank very low on deer’s list of edible options. The low deer damage plants include: Ageratum houstonianum – also know as flossflower, bluemink and blueweed.  Ageratum houstonianum is considered a hort and is a decorative annual plant.  Though it is native to Central America and Mexico, it does well in cooler climates.  The blue flowering, low growing plant protects itself from both insects and invading animals.  The plant is toxic to some animals, actually causing liver lesions, and has a chemical that causes sterility in some insects.

Pachysandra procumbens – also known as Allegheny Pachysandra or Allegheny Spurge is a flowering plant native to the Southeast United States.  It is a low growing, quickly spreading evergreen shrub often used as a flowering ground cover in gardens and slopes.

Ilex opaca – also known as American Holly.  The evergreen grows well in many climates and is commonly found in the eastern United States.  The shiny yellow to green leaves are edged with several spiked points that may cause irritation to a deer’s muzzle and mouth when they attempt to eat it.  The plant does display small flowers in the spring and the female plants grow small red berries.

Utilizing the above plants in and around your gardens and landscaping areas may assist you with keeping deer out of your less deer resistant plantings.

Enhance your Deer Proof Plant Plan

Deer Repellent Packs

All Natural, Easy to Use Deer Repellent Packs Keep Deer Away

After planning and planting your gardens in the most deer-resistant manner, you can enhance your deer repellent strategy with the use of chemical free Deer Repellent Packs.  Simply hanging the all weather plants on stakes as directed you will add the power of nature’s most powerful deer deterrents to your arsenal.  The 100% natural packs are infused with the urine of a deer’s most feared predator, the coyote.  The scent of the urine convinces invading deer that your yard has been claimed by the predator and that it is not a safe place to be.  You can learn more about the packs and their guaranteed effectiveness by visiting DeerRepellentPacks.com.

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