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Keep Deer Away by Avoiding These 5 Mistakes

Keep Deer Away by Avoiding These 5 Mistakes The sight of a group of deer from your window is always a beautiful surprise. Unless they are destroying your carefully kept garden, that is. Avoid these five common errors and your … Continue reading

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Why Do Deer Repellent Packs Work?

Hunters have long known the importance of scent to deer. Many deer hunters go to extreme lengths to hide certain smells from their prey so as not to make them cautious. Most pay attention to the wind to determine where … Continue reading

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Just What Are Deer Repellent Packs Anyway?

Deer, cute and docile as they are, can cost you hundreds of dollars in landscape repair and maintenance. ¬†Keeping deer away from your yard is a must, and different methods of keeping them out have evolved through the ages. ¬†Among … Continue reading

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